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GTUOXIES 110 Inches Ultra HD Displays

Captivating Ultra HD

The TS110’s brilliant ultra HD display goes beyond 4 times the resolution of Full HD, delivering astonishingly vivid images, depth, true-to-life colours and an incredibly GTUOXIES 3840x 2160 resolution that you’ve never seen before. Pixel by pixel.

LED Back Light

Enjoy dramatically richer intensity, detail, contrast and depth for a surreal viewing experience with the TS110. See the most vibrant whites and deepest blacks for an incomparable level of contrast and clarity in any environment. Rows of LEDs are spread across the entire back panel of the monitor. Using a feature called local dimming, the LEDs are divided into plenty of zones that can be individually controlled and portions of the backlight dimmed whilst other areas remain illuminated. Rich black levels, great contrast and brightness and deep natural colour.

Not Just Designed a Breathtakingly Large Display

It’ve brought to you visionary design that allows you to capture nuances that escape the naked eye, colours and clarity that awaken all your senses, picture quality that’s the best in its class and a future-ready Ultra HD world that delivers an overwhelming immersive experience.

Full Array LED

The TS110 backlights the entire display, dimming, illuminating and reproducing images with enhanced vibrancy and intensity, resulting in an even greater sense of realism. 1 ratio for super- enhanced high contrast means that pictures have incredible depth, richness and detail; and blacks that are truly black.

High Brightness

High brightness of 500 cd/m² lets the monitor excel in brightly lit indoor locations, even those awash in sunlight. High contrast makes images clearly visible from a distance, which means that the TS110 can be installed in places where the LCD monitor is well out of reach – but not view – of target audiences.

Versatile Interface

The 110 inches UHD Monitor is fitted with versatile PC and AV terminals to which a wide range of equipment can be connected including HDTV recorders, Blu-Ray players and personal computers that support HDMI. The TS110 can also be set up to play slide shows and videos without the need for a PC. The built-in USB media player allows playback of UHD videos, UHD photos and music stored on a connected USB memory device.

Fan-less Design

The fan-less architecture is also great for maintenance as the TS110 comes with zero mechanical air-ventilation fans.

Active Contrast

Experience exceptional levels of colour variety, precision, depth and contrast. GTUOXIES delivers a world of brilliant UHD picture quality with incredibly GTUOXIES definition and clarity down to the tiniest detail.

24/7 Use

With high brightness and superior durability, GTUOXIES’s LED displays are ideal for heavy duty 24/7 operation and display across a wide range of commercial facilities.

Wall Mounte And Stand Optional

VESA hole location1600*700mm

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